Body Stress Release

Body Stress Release

Are aches and pains preventing you from experiencing optimal health?

Do you suffer from headaches, back pain, joint pain or arthritis?   Do you wake up stiff and uncomfortable or complain of numbing in the fingers and toes, pinched nerve sensations, tingling into the arms or debilitating migraines?


All of these complaints may indicate  the presence of stored body stress, which over time, disrupts the body’s communication to the muscles and nerves and may result in a range of effects:  from general muscle tension and discomfort to systemic imbalances such as infertility, heartburn, hyperactivity in children and a myriad of other complaints.  Click here to view frequent complaints and related case studies.  


Optimise the nervous system to kick-start healing:

Body Stress Release (BSR) is a gentle and effective health technique concerned with the accurate assessment and release of stored muscle tension (body stress).    BSR has a direct effect on the nervous system, and provides gentle intervention which boosts the body’s self-healing ability and prompts it to restore its natural balance.  This non-therapeutic, complementary health technique was founded in South Africa in 1981 (See The Origins of Body Stress Release)  and has assisted hundreds of people in their path to restored vitality and optimal health.


Body Stress Release is currently practiced in over 22 countries worldwide, and has representation in the UK, Canada, Japan, USA, Australia and  Europe.   


Sarah Davies opened her practice at the Milnerton Mediclinic in Cape Town in 2010 (view Sarah’s story here).

What is Body Stress Release?

What is Body Stress Release? While most people define health as the absence of pain, the BSR definition of health is defined as “all areas of the body working optimally, 100% of the time”. If...

Types of Stress

Stress Overload: While a certain amount of stress is necessary, to motivate us, in the ever-increasing fast pace of life sometimes our body is unable to adapt to the constant stresses we are exposed to....

Origins of BSR

The origins of BSR Body Stress Release is a health technique that arose out of one man’s journey from debilitating pain and hopelessness back to health. When Ewald Meggersee was five years old he fell...


My Story

I spent most of my adult life as a corporate high flyer in the media industry, exhibition industry and later as brand manager in a large publishing house. For many years I thrived on the busy...

The Appointment

Body Stress Release is carried out in a professional setting in a private consulting room. The practitioner takes a detailed case history before assessing the client for areas of body stress...

Who Needs BSR?

Body Stress Release is suitable for both young and old alike. The technique is gentle so it is ideal for young babies all the way through to the elderly or infirm. While most clients discovery...

Brain Damage and Body Stress

Some BSR practitioners have witnessed BSR being the catalyst for minor and major ‘miracles’ with children born with some form of brain damage. Jake’s story is a dramatic one: A brain scan of the baby

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Prolapsed Spinal disc and recovery with BSR

Although the expression ‘slipped disc’ is often used it’s an inaccurate description. The inter-vertebral discs cannot slip, as they are firmly bonded to the surface of the vertebral bodies. However, with incorrect use over time,

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