Ice-cream headaches

Ice-cream headaches

A student (21 years) came to see me as she’d been suffering from sharp shooting headaches, which plagued her 5 or 6 times daily. These were brought on suddenly, and she’d done all the routine doctor’s tests and no one could find a cause. She described these as “ice-cream headaches” that were sudden and sharp and would effect the area around the eyes – because of their frequency studying had become difficult. She also had a numb toe on her left foot.

Stress was found in the lower back as well as the neck and shoulder area, and after the first appointment she reported that although she’d had some neck stiffness, the headaches had dissappeared. She continued to come to BSR for a few follow up sessions and the tension in her lower back started to release, the numbing in her toe improved.

I had given her some self-help techniques for the neck and encouraged her to watch her posture while working at her laptop and she seemed eager to follow instructions to avoid a relapse of headaches. She followed up a few months later for a maintainance session and was pleased to report that the headaches had still not returned.


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