The Athlete with severe groin, hip and leg pains

The Athlete with severe groin, hip and leg pains

An ex-professional sprinter and cycling enthusiast came to me with a stiff back, shooting pains into the groin and hips, numb fingers and daily headaches. He also suffered from heartburn and his knees ached. He was hoping to get back into running again and wanted to start training but he felt like his body was totally broken. He wasn’t making any headway with his training, and each new day he seemed to wake up with a new ache or pain.

I encouraged him to rest whilst undergoing BSR as I wanted him to give his body a fair chance to recover, he eventually agreed to moderate his schedule for a short period of time but refused to rest completely. Nevertheless, despite his continued training whilst undergoing BSR, he started to improve gradually and by the third session he no longer had headaches, his heartburn had subsided, he was sleeping better and his back stiffness had started to ease.

After two further sessions, where stress in the hip and pubic joint was released, his groin pain subsided. By session six he felt great and he was back into his full time training schedule. He was amazed at how much better he was suddenly performing! I explained that while muscles are locked in a defensive action they cannot get on with their real job of supporting and moving the body – when you release the tension, muscles are then able to function as they should and one’s performance starts to improve. He continues to push his body to the limits but now comes back for regular maintenance sessions!


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